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You often come across people who are good with words, they speak very well and sound very convincing. The idiom 'to have the gift of the gab' basically means to have the ability to speak and confidently and convincingly. If you have the gift of the gab, you can actually persuade people to do what you want. You do this by speaking in a persuasive and an interesting manner so the people are keen to listen to you.

You are a smooth talker and manage to convince people to believe you. In short, a person with great verbal communication skills has the gift of the gab. For example, the hawker on the street convinces the passers-by to buy his products even though they are not of a superior quality. He does this by talking smoothly and convincingly to his prospect buyers.

Example 01 : The speaker at the conference had the gift of the gab, he could retain the audience's attention and tackled all the questions asked to him very effectively.
Ex 02 : With his gift of the gab, William calmed down his girlfriend who was upset as she suspected him of double timing her.
Ex 03 : The fortune teller, Hilda, has the gift of the gab, she knows how to get people to go to her for advice.
Ex 04 : Smith makes a good car marketer, he is a smooth talker and his gift of the gab helps him to achieve his sales targets.
Ex 05 : Father told Richard, " If you use your gift of the gab at your court sessions, I'm sure, one day you'll be a successful lawyer."
Ex 06 : Michelle is a pleasant and a sincere team leader, unfortunately she doesn't have the gift of the gab and is unable to handle conflicts diplomatically at work.
Ex 07 : When Samantha wasn't allowed to party, her friend said, " Do you want me to seek permission from your parents? I'll manage to cajole them, I've got the gift of the gab.
Ex 08 : My boss has the gift of the gab, he really knows how to motivate us to work beyond our office hours even though we are exhausted.
Ex 09 : John is the most popular teacher in school, he has the gift of the gab and can handle notorious children with ease.

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