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Level: Intermediate and advanced
This series is designed for upper level students. We will review how each verb tense is formed and used. We will be comparing and contrasting verb tenses as well.
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There are certain things that you may be very particular about, like your studies, or a project given to you. The word meticulous basically means to be extremely careful or precise about doing something. If someone is meticulous, it means they do things very carefully and pay a lot of attention to every minute detail. They are actually very finicky or fussy about something or things around them and aim for perfection. They are very particular and take great pains to get things done in an appropriate manner.

The word meticulous is an adjective as it describes someone of being very particular about something. Meticulously is an adverb as it describes the action of doing something very carefully and with great attention. The word meticulousness is a noun. For example, the when the actor was getting ready for his role, he was quite meticulous in his preparations. This means, he was very careful and paid great attention in order to give his best shot.
Example 01 : Even though the model was meticulous about matching her clothing with her accessories, she didn't look too great on the ramp.
Ex 02 : Dr. Raymod is considered to be one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the country because of his meticulous skill.
Ex 03 : Lisa is planning her wedding very meticulously as she wants it to be the most memorable wedding in her entire family. 
Ex 04 : James spends at least two hours each Saturday meticulously trimming his lawn and has the most well groomed yard on the block.
Ex 05 : Mary is so meticulous about scrubbing the floors, her friends joke that her kitchen is cleaner than a hospital.
Ex 06 : Being his first mobile phone ever, ben was meticulous with it, making sure nothing broke or got scratched.
Ex 07 : William is a meticulous packer who begins making all list of everything he might need on his adventurous trip two weeks in advance.
Ex 08 : The police are examining the murder case meticulously to find out the who the murderer is.
Ex 09 : To impress his seniors, Peter worked meticulously on his presentation as he didn't want to miss out on anything that was vital.
Ex 10 : Little Mary was so excited after returning from her picnic, she actually described her picnic scene in meticulous details to her parents and sibling.
Ex 11 : Our accountant is very alert and sharp, he is meticulous about keeping accurate records.
Ex 12 : The teacher is meticulous in preparing her lecture notes after receiving a poor feedback on her performance.
Ex 13 : The DJ plays great music and is very meticulous about picking the right songs depending on the occasion.
Ex 14 : The yellow Tree Café is not only known for the great food they serve, but also for their meticulous hygiene.
Ex 15 : Richard, the manager of our company, is so meticulous about his appearance, he is always well dressed from head to toe. 
Ex 16 : The sand art/ice sculpture was made by a very meticulous artist.

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Why input based learning, or passive learning is so useful. Answers to some of the comments to my video on Listening and Speaking. I forgot to mention the biggest advantage of input based learning. It enables you to be independent.

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Topic: Forms and uses of the future progressive, future perfect, and future perfect progressive
Level: Intermediate and advanced
This series is designed for upper level students. We will review how each verb tense is formed and used. We will be comparing and contrasting verb tenses as well.
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Sometimes you are put off by certain things or people due to their behavior or just by their presence. The word irk basically means to irritate to annoy someone. There are certain people or situations that you deal with even though you don't like to because they are troublesome and you actually feel very annoyed. If something that spoils your mood or bothers you, it means that it irks you.

The word irk is a verb as it shows the action of irritating someone or getting irritated by someone or something. The three forms , present, past and past participle are irk, irked and irked respectively. For example, you are late to work and you are waiting at the bus stop. You realize that your bus is late, it puts you off because you are delayed. You are irked in such a situation, so you feel very annoyed or irritated.
Example 01 : The thought of cleaning the whole mess after the late night party, irked Julian as she had other chores to complete. Ex 02 : The long queue to withdraw cash irked Jennifer as she was in a hurry to reach home.
Ex 03 : All the car owners were irked by the news of higher gasoline price.
Ex 04 : The manager of our company is irked as the rumors of his affair with the secretary is spreading like a wild fire.
Ex 05 : When people smoke at public places, it irks Michelle as passive smoking is very harmful. 
Ex 06 : Rosie was really irked when she saw her ex boyfriend with her best friend at the café.
Ex 07 : The dancing group was irked with the rehearsals, as they were extremely exhausted and were not given a single break.
Ex 08 : Henry was irked to find that a virus had hit his computer and he lost all his data.
Ex 09 : The teacher is irked with her student as he keeps on laughing for no reason and distracts his classmates.
Ex 10 : After their fight, Lucy told Maria, "I'm sorry, I really get irked when you don't listen to me".
Ex 11 :When the mother found a pack of cigarettes in her preteen's bedroom, she was irked and warned her sternly.

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El fisterrán Anxo Pérez está despuntando con un método para aprender el idioma del gigante asiático en solo ocho meses 
Cinco titulaciones universitarias, nueve idiomas -de los que «domina 8», precisan en la página web de su empresa- y una experiencia laboral como traductor en la que hay referencias al FBI, al Senado de Estados Unidos y a la ONU son las credenciales de Anxo Pérez. Este fisterrán emprendedor está despuntando en el mundo de la enseñanza de idiomas con un método on line (la ruta de los ocho cinturones) y una empresa ( propios, y no duda en asegurar que «cualquiera puede aprender a hablar chino en solo ocho meses», tal como afirma su publicidad.

-¿Qué hace un fisterrán enseñando chino?
-Pues la idea surgió cuando estaba trabajando en la ONU como intérprete. El chino es uno de sus idiomas oficiales, pero yo tenía claro que no quería pasar tres años en una academia y no obtener resultados. Yo quería crear un método que por primera vez pudiera vender resultados y como tengo facilidad tanto para los idiomas como para las matemáticas (gané un premio de Matemáticas en los Estados Unidos) idee este sistema que, posiblemente, a día de hoy no haya otro más eficiente a nivel mundial. Lo llamo la ruta de los ocho cinturones porque los hitos del programa son cinturones, de ahí que sea 8Belts [belt es cinturón en inglés].

-¿Es apto para cualquier persona?
-Para cualquiera; si no consigue hablar chino en ocho meses dedicándole media hora al día le devolvemos el dinero. A día de hoy lo hemos devuelto cero veces. (LEER TODO)
Aventurero con genes emprendedores

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Topic: Present verb forms with a future meaning and review of WILL and BE GOING TO
Level: Intermediate and advanced
This series is designed for upper level students. We will review how each verb tense is formed and used. We will be comparing and contrasting verb tenses as well.
De : "ENGLISH WITH JENNIFER" A site for language learners.