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There are certain events that take place in your life and you have no control over them. The word inevitable means something that is impossible to avoid or you just can't prevent them from happening. An event that is unavoidable and certain to take place, is inevitable. You can't stop it from taking place as you have no control over it and can't do anything about it.

For example, if you are an avid biker and ride at a very high speed, an accident at some point of time is inevitable. The accident is bound to happen due to your careless riding. It also means something that keeps occurring or appearing is inevitable. The word inevitable can be used as an adjective or a noun depending on how it is used in a sentence. Inevitably is an adverb, as it shows that something happens unavoidably and certainly.

Example 01 : It was inevitable that James would be fired from his job because he always came late and left very early.
Ex 02 : A sedentary lifestyle and no exercising followed by an un-healthy diet leads to inevitable weight gain and obesity.
Ex 03 :Lisbon told his wife, " We must inevitably make some sacrifices if we want to save money for our child's future." 
Ex 04 : The professor told all the new entrants, " Learn joyfully and peacefully knowing that positive thoughts and efforts inevitably bring the best results."
Ex 05 : The basketball team suffered an inevitable loss given the fact that the majority of their players were injured.
Ex 06 : Suffering from joint pains and developing wrinkles are an inevitable part of aging in humans.
Ex 07 : Getting wet in the heavy rains is inevitable even though you carry an umbrella.
Ex 08 : With the kind of reckless spending, it was inevitable for Ricky to be bankrupt.
Ex 09 : Her falling asleep during the day is inevitable after the long night that Jennifer spent soothing her unwell baby. 
Ex 10 : With the rise in the fuel price, the rise in the prices of other commodities is inevitable.
Ex 11 : After the collision of the trains, the delay of other trains was inevitable, leaving all the commuters anxious and tired at the platform.
Ex 12 :With the adaptation of the western culture, live-in relationships are inevitable in most of the countries.

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