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Sometimes you may feel uncomfortable or uneasy when you are dealing with certain people or things. The word averse means to have a strong disliking or an opposition towards someone or something. When you try to avoid a situation that you wish not to be in, or a person because of his behavior, it means you are averse to such a situation or a person. You are actually reluctant and unwilling to deal with something as it may be very unpleasant.

For example, A person who is a vegetarian can't stand the sight of raw meat as he dislikes it, so he is averse to it. The word averse is an adjective as it describes a person's feeling of dislike towards something. Averse can never be used as a verb. The word aversion is used as a noun. The word aversively is an adverb as it describes the action of disliking someone or something.
Example 01 : After an ugly argument, Samantha and Peter looked at each other with mistrust and aversion.
Ex 02 : At the Chinese restaurant, Jennifer told the chef, " I'm not averse to broccoli if it's cooked right."
Ex 03 : Due to her failure at high school, Sheila has lost all hope and is now averse to hard work as she feels it's pointless.
Ex 04 : With her nasty attitude, Kelly was not averse to criticizing and picking up fights with everyone around her.
Ex 05 : As Catherine has a deep aversion to waking up early in the morning, she has taken up the second shift at work.
Ex 06 : Michelle found her boyfriend's mother very stern in their first meeting and has developed an instant aversion towards her. 
Ex 07 : After the big budget film flopped, the popular director kept a very low profile and was averse to media attention and interviews.
Ex 08 : The parents were averse to the idea of sending their son for an overnight picnic, as they felt he was too young for such an experience.
Ex 09 : Charles usually dislikes drinking, but is not averse to an occasional beer when he is with his friends.
Ex 10 : With the downfall in share market, the investors are now averse to investing more money.
Ex 11 : Maria is not a confident person, she has an inferior complex and is averse to facing people, she avoids going out.

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