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Sometimes, you gently and repeatedly appeal to someone to do something even though they don't want to do it. The word cajole, basically means to persuade someone to do something that they really don't want to do.When you make someone do what you want them to do, by talking nicely, or by persuading them in a pleasing manner and flattering them, it means you are cajoling them.

At times, you actually persuade them by using insincere compliments or by making false promises. For example, You cajole your parents into buying you a car for your birthday, so you persuade them, by pleading them and saying nice things to them and by offering to do better at studies. AS the word cajole shows the action of persuading, it is a verb.

Example 01 : Michelle cajoled her rich friend into lending her a some money, which she never paid back.
Ex 02 : At work, Mary cajoled William into helping her make the sale's presentation as she knew about his great presentation skills.
Ex 03 : Ben cajoled his mother for extra pocket money this month, as he had started saving for his friend's surprise birthday party.
Ex 04: Peter cajoled his wife to sell her ancestral property, so they could buy a huge villa besides the beach.
Ex 05 : After a serious health warning given by the doctor, Jennifer finally cajoled her father to stop smoking.
Ex 06 : Maria told her husband, " You can't cajole me into doing your chores while you sit and watch the final soccer match."
Ex 07 : As Sheila's husband was in a persuasive and favorable mood, she succeeded in cajoling him to buy her a diamond necklace for their anniversary.
Ex 08 : The father had to cajole his son into doing his homework by promising he would take him to watch the baseball game .. 
Ex 09 : As Shimona had exhausted on her vacation leaves, she had to cajole her boss to give her a few extra paid leaves for her sister's wedding.
Ex 10 : The doctor cajoled little Mink into taking an injection, by telling her what a brave girl she was.

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