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Sometimes you feel very tired and dull, you just don't feel like doing anything. The word lethargic basically means to lack enthusiasm due to laziness or to be low on energy and feel totally dull. When you feel lethargic, you feel as if all your energy has been drained out, you are unwilling to do anything and wish to sleep. You are unresponsive, inactive and indifferent to things around you. So, the one who is lethargic is lacking in mental and physical alertness. Many medicines have the side effect of making you feel lethargic, that means they make you feel very sluggish and lazy, and you actually feel very weak. As the word lethargic describes the state of being lazy and dull, it is an adjective.

Example 01 : The turtles become sluggish and lethargic when their body temperature drops in the winter season.
Ex 02 :The star player had to be pulled out from the team because he seemed to be lethargic for the important game.
Ex 03 : People who smoke are generally lethargic, as smoking starves the tissues and brain for oxygen, leaving you to feel dull and disoriented.
Ex 04 : Maria refuses to take any medicine for her cold because any medications makes her feel drowsy and lethargic.
Ex 05: Due to her depression, Lisa was lethargic and failed to complete her household chores, the entire day she simply lazed about on the couch.
Ex 06 : After waking up from surgery, the patient felt very weak and lethargic because of the anesthesia.
Ex 07 : After the late night party, the next day, Peter was so lethargic that he didn't go to work and lied on the sofa the whole day.
Ex 08 : James avoided having a heavy meal before his presentation as he didn't want to feel lethargic while presenting at the conference.
Ex 09 : Smith was fired from his job due to his continuous lethargic approach and inefficiency in his work.
Ex 10 : Richard was so lethargic even after a good sleep, that he went to see his doctor to find out what was wrong.

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