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You may have been very happy due to something or someone. It could be due to your promotion or a surprise gift given to you by your family.The idiom 'tickled pink' basically means to be very pleased or delighted.When you are really excited about something, due to the extreme happiness, your skin turns pink, as though you are blushing. This is because you are tickled pink.To be tickled pink means to be delighted about something, or to be in a state of excitement and joy.When you tickle someone pink, it means you do something to make them happy or pleased.For example, you pay a surprise visit to your best friend on her birthday to tickle her pink.
Example 01 : Mary was tickled pink to receive a bouquet of flowers from John on her birthday.
Ex 02 : William was tickled pink when he was awarded the best salesman of the year as he least expected it.
Ex 03 : To make the stressful moment lighter at work, Michelle told a joke that really tickled all her colleagues pink.
Ex 04 : Little Lydia was tickled pink when Samantha asked her to be the bridesmaid at her wedding.
Ex 05 : The public were tickled pink when the $2500 budget car Nano was launched in the city, it was a dream come true for them as it was really affordable.
Ex 06 : My mother tickled pink when I invited my girlfriend Rosy to join us at the Christmas lunch.
Ex 07 : The teenagers were tickled pink when they saw their favorite rock band perform at the concert.
Ex 08 : Jennifer was so tickled pink when the doctor broke the news of her pregnancy, she couldn't wait to share the joy with her husband.
Ex 09 : Jenny was tickled pink when she saw Christopher waiting to receive her at the airport as she hadn't seen him in many years.
Ex 10 : The declaration of 20 % bonus to all the share holders of the company, tickled them pink.
Ex 11 : When James complimented his girlfriend and expressed how lucky he was to have her, she was extremely tickled pink as he did so for the first time.

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