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When you see someone experiencing something that you had already aced in your past, you immediately understand and sense what the person is going through as a result of your own experience. The word empathy basically means the ability to share someone else's feelings or experiences, by imagining what it would be like to be in their situation. So when you put yourself in someone else's shoe, it means you are showing empathy. You do this by sharing someone's emotions and feelings as though they were your own.

You empathize when you actually identify with the problems or situations of people and understand their thoughts and condition. As the word empathy is a kind of feeling, it is a noun. The act of showing empathy means to empathize and a person who empathizes is known as empathetic. For example, A former smoker is more likely to have empathy with someone who is trying to quit smoking. This is because he underwent a similar phase and exactly knows how it feels.
Example 01: To be successful in sales, besides having good selling skills, one should learn how to empathize with their customers.
Ex 02 : After John spent several months on researching the prison life, he empathized with the exploited prisoners.
Ex 03 : Mary's empathy for others, has distracted her from solving her own issues at work.
Ex 04 : The doctor's empathetic approach towards her patients has made her a favorite amongst them.
Ex 05: William empathized with Kelly when she broke down after telling her about the tragic loss of her family member.
Ex 06: Rosy told her friend, " My empathetic nature towards animals has made me a pure vegetarian. I no longer enjoy having meat."
Ex 07: Peter's lack of empathy and understanding, make him incapable of sustaining any relationships.
Ex 08: When Samantha saw Maria was being abused by her husband daily, she empathized with her and reported the matter to the police.
Ex 09: I empathized with James after learning about the huge loss he incurred in the stock market.

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