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Have you ever promoted something or tried to develop something new, like a business or a plan? The word foster mainly means to encourage or promote something. When you encourage the development of a new idea, it means you are fostering it. for example, when you help your company's new campaign to grow, you are fostering it. The word foster also means looking after someone else's child without legal adoption. So if you foster a child, you act as a guardian and play a vital role in his growth. As a foster parent, you ensure the safety, permanency and well being of the child.
Example 01 : Unhygienic conditions in your neighborhood can foster the spread of various viral diseases.
Ex 02 : Mary asked Janet, "for the love of animals, would you consider fostering stray dogs?"
Ex 03 : The task of an English teacher is to foster speaking in English to all the vernacular students.
Ex 04 : Appreciating your employees helps them to foster a sense of self worth and motivates them to perform better. 
Ex 05 : Maria told her husband, " You bake really well, if you must foster your hobby you will run a successful bakery business ".
Ex 06 : Mrs. Smith have fostered many homeless children and provided for their education.
Ex 07 : The UNO aims to foster good relations amongst various countries and maintain world peace.
Ex 08 : The manager called for a meeting to foster new ideas from the young trainees for the promotion of his new ad campaign.
Ex 09 : The new fitness club fosters a healthy lifestyle through exercising regularly and a healthy balanced diet. 
Ex 10 : Lack of security on deserted streets can foster anti social activities to take place such as robbery or theft.

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