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When you want to achieve something, you always put in a lot of effort. You strive until you succeed. The word endeavor basically means to try hard to achieve something. It could also mean an attempt to accomplish a goal. When you make an effort to do something new or difficult, it means you endeavor to do it. So when you endeavor to do something, you actually try very hard to do it. For example, when you constantly endeavor to start a new business, you exert yourself and put in all the efforts that are required to accomplish it.
Example 01 : After the mother scolded them, John and Mary endeavored to keep their room neat and tidy.
Ex 02 : When William quit his job to start a new business, all his colleagues wished him luck in his new endeavor.
Ex 03 : The police made every endeavor to find the kidnapped child and arrested the kidnapper.
Ex 04 : The manager told his subordinates, "Tomorrow the meeting is at 11am, please endeavor to come on time".  
Ex 05 : It's important to be updated with the latest computing technology, as it is the fastest changing area of human endeavor.
Ex 06 : Lisa looked stunning on her date with Peter, she attracted his attention without any endeavor.
Ex 07 : Ben was very unhappy as all his endeavors to stand first in the examination had gone unrewarded.
Ex 08 : All the children looked curiously at the magician when he endeavored to make the rabbit disappear.
Ex 09 : The Emergency breakdown service center endeavors to respond to customer complaints within 2-3 hrs . 
Ex 10 : The reliance Industry is flourishing because of all the endeavors made by the late Mr. Dirubhai Ambani.

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