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When you study in a university or work in an organization, you are subjected to certain dos and don'ts that you need to follow like Reaching on time, wearing formals and submitting assignments within the given deadline. The word protocol basically means a set of rules and guidelines that are needed to be followed by people.

It refers to an appropriate behaviour and rules of conduct for a particular situation or an event. So when you follow your office etiquettes, it means you are following the protocol. It could also mean a formal agreement between two parties. A protocol guides you how an activity should be performed especially in the field of diplomacy.

For example, a President of one country visiting another country is to be received by a person in a similar position and status in the host country. This is a kind of protocol and should not be violated. In the field of technology, a standard method for connecting computers for an exchange of data among them is also a protocol. As the word protocol is a kind of 'set of rules', it is a noun.

Example 1 : Lisa broke the company protocol, when she used the company's email address to send personal mails to her friends. 
Ex 2 : After the recent blast in the Shopping mall, the management ordered a protocol, to scan every entrant into the mall.
Ex 3 : In most of the restaurants, the correct safety protocol for employees handling food is to wear a hair net or a toque ( Chef's hat).
Ex 4 : The accident at the fuel station took place even though all the employees followed the safety protocol.
Ex 5 : switching off mobile phones in the hospital, is a protocol that is to be followed strictly by all the visitors.
Ex 6 : Air hostesses are especially trained in air safety protocol to enable them to handle emergency situations calmly and patiently.  
Ex 7 : Jeniffer's computer engineer said, " There was a problem with your computer's protocol settings and so you couldn't access the internet."
Ex 8 : Before paying the admission fees at the university, Sabina was asked to sign a declaration, that she had agreed to all the terms of the university's protocol.
Ex 9 : When Maria started her new company, she established her own protocols and trained the employees on them, to ensure smooth daily operations.
Ex 10 : Every Financial Institution has several security protocols in place to ensure that the clients sensitive data is protected. 
Ex 11 : Various countries have established a new trade protocol to help improve their respective economies and relations with one another.

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