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Do you fear something in your life ? and you don't know what is the cause of it? The word phobia basically means to have a fear of a particular object or situation. A phobia is a fear which can interfere with your ability to socialize, work or do your daily chores. When you have a phobia of something or a situation, you avoid facing them even after knowing they are not harmful or dangerous. A phobia can give you a panic attack or make you feel totally helpless.

There are many types of phobias that include fear of animal, heights, crowds and social events. Many times a bad experience which you can't get over develops a phobia. Many people have a phobia of water, they are extremely scared to swim or do any water based activities. This could be due a bad experience they have faced in their past. Most children fear darkness and are too afraid to sit in a dark room.

A person who has a phobia is known as phobic. For example, when a friend of yours has phobia of snakes, she begins to fear even on a discussion on snakes or by looking at a picture of a snake. As the word phobia is a kind of fear, it is a noun.

Example 01 : Dyslexic children should be given immediate help before they become school phobic.
Ex 02 : After a deadly bike accident over a wet road, I have become phobic to it, I never rode in monsoons after that and I feel I might skid even while walking on the road.
Ex 03 : Although William loves his girlfriend way too much, but hasn't proposed her for marriage as he has commitment phobia. 
Ex 04 : Lisa keeps washing her hands every hour, as she has a phobia of picking up germs from her surroundings.
Ex 05 : Due to Peter's flying phobia, he couldn't opt for a career in the aviation industry.
Ex 06 : Mary told Maria, " I have so many phobias, but my worst phobia is of spiders."
Ex 07 : Samantha has a phobia of elevators, She walks up twenty flights of stairs daily to get to her office.
Ex 08 : When the entire family took the cable car to reach the mountain top, John chose to stay away as he had a phobia of heights.
Ex 09 : Ben sleeps with the lights on, as he can't get over his phobia for darkness.
Ex 10 : When William was asked to give a speech in front of the audience, he stood nervous as he had a phobia of facing the crowd.

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