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Have you ever craved for something that is hard to get? Or had a desire for something that is beyond your reach at the moment? The word yearn basically means to have a strong desire or longing for something. To yearn for something is to want it really bad. Usually you yearn for something or someone you can't get easily.

It also means to have deep affection for something. When you have an intense feeling of loss or lack, or you care and treasure something, it means you yearn for it. When you are away from home for many years, you yearn for your mother's love. As the word yearn shows the action of a strong desire, it is a verb.
Example 01 : Jennifer is star-struck and yearns for a lifestyle as rich and lavish as the Hollywood stars.
Ex 02 : After two decades of imprisonment, the prisoners yearned for their freedom.
Ex 03 : Though Sam is content being the manager in the company, somewhere in his heart, he still yearns to be the CEO which seems like a distant reality as of now.
Ex 04 : Despite a successful career in private business, john always yearned for a return to his public sector roots. 
Ex 05 : After Mary and Peter broke up, he had realized her importance in his life and started to yearn for Mary's love. 
Ex 06 : After a long hectic day at work, Smith yearned to go to the beach with his kids.
Ex 07 : When William's son moved overseas to pursue higher education, Peter couldn't stop yearning to see him. 
Ex 08 : When I was on a business trip to Europe, I always yearned for some homemade vegetarian food.
Ex 09 : Most teenagers yearn for the day when they can make their own bucks and take their own decisions.
Ex 10 : All the young participants worked very hard as they were yearning to win the "MISS WORLD' title.
Ex 11 : Lisa was yearning to watch the Oscar award winning film, but her tight schedule didn't allow her to.
Ex 12 : After facing the problem of drought in the desert region, all the people started yearning for some rainfall.

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