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When someone does something or says something that is wrong or unacceptable, it leaves you feeling very hurt. In such a situation you wish to teach him a lesson to make him realize how you felt because of his act. So you decide to react in an equally bad manner just like he did. The idiom 'get even', basically means to do something equally bad to someone who has done bad to you.

It also means to take revenge or punish someone who did something wrong to you. When you get even with someone, you make him realize what wrong he did to you and how bad you felt at that time. It also means you are standing up for something wrong done to you. If you play a prank on your friend who did the same with you, it means you are getting even with him.

You are teaching him a lesson by doing something equally bad to him. You often gain your peace of mind when you get even with someone you need to. Alright, Now that you know what this idiom means, lets take a look at some example sentences, to see how you can use it in your daily conversation,.
1 Mike wants to get even with Peter for taking over his project while he was on a vacation.
2. India wants to get even with Australia after losing two consecutive matches, to retain the number position in test cricket.  
3. Peter parked his car in Tom's parking slot and refused to remove it, Tom got even with peter by fixing a banana in the exhaust pipe of his car.
4. Little John got even with his sister, by writing on her face with a permanent marker, while she was sleeping.
5.Father told Jack, "Don't come home crying, always get even and finish your silly fights at school.
6. After the store had refused a replacement for a faulty computer, Mrs. Smith complained to the consumer court, to get even
7. Peter is waiting for the right opportunity to get even with Sam for insulting him at the party.
8. Being harassed by the telemarketing calls, William got even by placing a fake order for one of their products.
9. The best way to get even with someone who hurts you, is to forget and forgive.
10. I would like to share with you an experience about my neighbor, Peter got even with one of his colleague Lisa by pouring used oil underneath her car each night, as a result she had to spend huge money to check the oil leak at the garage, time again. Finally Lisa got tired and sold her car, and bought a new one, just to her surprise even the new car had a oil leak in few days.

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