miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013


Sometimes certain things seem just perfect. It could be an absolute idea, a perfect trait of a person or anything that appeals to you and is free from defects. 
Don't you want our performances at our work places to be impeccable ? 
That means, you want your performance to be perfect or flawless. 
Or don't you want to have an impeccable approach towards life in order to make our lives worth living? 
When you pay through your nose at a five star hotel, you expect impeccable service. 
Thus, 'impeccable' means something that is flawless or free from any faults. 
As the word 'Impeccable' describes something or someone being flawless, it is an Adjective.

Example 01 : We got an impeccable deal for this apartment, I couldn't ask for more. 
Ex 02 : My grandfather had always been admired for his impeccable style of dressing. 
Ex 03 : Impeccable timing ! My flight had landed in the city, before it started raining. 
Ex 04 : Mr. David always achieves his sales target due to his impeccable marketing skills, it's very hard for a customer to turn him down. 
Ex 05: Stacy was dressed impeccably for the dance; everyone noticed how flawless she looked. 
Ex 06 : The impeccable launch of Windows 8 phone by the Microsoft CEO Ballmer, left the audience speechless. 
Ex 07 : We saw an impeccable piece of art work at the exhibition today. 
Ex 08 : In today's competitive world, if you don't offer impeccable services to your customers, they are likely to be put off for life. 
Ex 09 : The virgin olive oil is known for its impeccable taste and aroma.

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