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Many times we are required to do a difficult task that demands a lot of time and energy.
For example, When you are camping in a hilly area or working out vigorously in the gym, you are doing something arduous. 
The army and navy undergo arduous training to face any unexpected hurdles. 
It basically means, something you do that requires great physical or mental effort which is hard to accomplish or achieve. 
Achieving an arduous task always gives you a great sense of relief. 
Arduous is basically an Adjective, as it describes something that is hard to achieve. 
The army and navy undergo arduous training to face any unexpected hurdles. 
All right, now that you know what it means, let's have a look at some example sentences, to see how you can use arduous in your daily conversation.
Example 01 : After a late Saturday night party, cooking on a Sunday morning seems arduous. 
Ex. 02 : Setting up a whole new enterprise is an arduous activity as it demands a lot of physical and mental skills. 
Ex. 03 : Think before you take up this adventurous task, it's an arduous one, it may cost you your health. 
Ex. 04 : Teaching isn't physically arduous, but it requires a lot of patience and tolerance. 
Ex. 05 : The actor underwent an arduous fitness training program to look fit for his new ad campaign. 
Ex. 06 : Working in a coal mine requires arduous physical exertion. 
Ex. 07 : The arduous work of preparing of her son's wedding, has left her fatigue. 
Ex. 08 : Lifting a box full of heavy boxes is a very arduous job for a skinny woman

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